Wide Range of Steel Products

High quality steel billets with suitable alloys , imported from global suppliers in Ukraine and Turkey

Forging billets and re-rolling billets in a wide range of stainless steels, duplex stainless steels and nickel alloys. The billets are 100% ultrasonically and eddy current tested in a fully automated inspection line to ensure the highest quality standards..

Forging billets

Sandvik’s billets for forging are suitable for producing all types of forged products, such as flanges, discs, rings, valves, forged parts, and axles. Our program of forging billets includes a wide range of stainless steels and high-alloy materials.Re-rolling billets

Billets for re-rolling of strip, wire, bar, hexagons and profiles, available in square and rectangular sizes. The production route for re-rolling billets is often more simplified than that for forging billets, since in most cases products do not require a dense center. For many of these products, continuous cast material can be used, which contributes to lower raw material costs.

A billet is one of the most widely used aluminium product forms globally. Billets are created directly through continuous casting or extrusion or indirectly through hot rolling an ingot or bloom. The billet is normally suitable for alloyed aluminium. The foundry combines raw aluminium with other metals and/or minerals to form different alloys and grades of aluminum. Once the materials are combined, smelted, and all impurities removed…billets are formed by placing the aluminum in a form under intense pressure. The high pressure removes all air and gas bubbles, aligns the molecules forming a solid block of aluminum that is high in density without any visible grains or defects. The size and shape of the billet depends on the part which is to be carved out of it. Billets can be further processed to make bar stock and wire.